School District 94 was created by the Township School Trustees in 1931.  The first school building in the district was the Peterson School located at 25th Avenue and Cermak Road. The one room frame building was closed in 1936 with the opening of the new two room school on the present site.  The new building was named for A.W. Komarek who was a realtor in the village.  Mr. Komarek had donated an eight lot site for the construction of a school building.

The original two rooms of the 1936 Komarek School are still in use as regular classrooms. There have been six additions to the original building (1946, 1949, 1953, 1959, 1963, 1970, 2021).

In 1954 the Board of Education purchased land west of 13th Avenue and completed the construction of Komarek West School there in 1955.  

Work was completed in September of 1970 on another building addition that provided an outstanding science laboratory, classrooms for health education, special education, enlarged shower and dressing rooms, adequately-sized lunchroom space and an all-weather inter-building connection (sky bridge.)

From 1973 - 1988, a cooperative adult education program existed with Triton College.  This facet of our program was in harmony with the board's beliefs that (1) education is a lifelong pursuit, (2) local schools exist to serve all people.

During the 1997-98 school year, many technological advances took place at Komarek School.  A new computer laboratory was opened to complement the existing lab. All the classroom, library, and laboratory computers were networked and went "on line." Each student's access to computer and internet technology was greatly enhanced.

In March of 2020, the Komarek School community passed a building referendum to improve the facilities for our students and staff.  These improvements include construction of a new school on the west side of campus, renovating our current west school, demolishing the east side school, building a new gymnasium, and adding a parking lot to the east side of campus.  These new and renovated facilities will ensure that our students and staff can learn and teach in modern state of the art schools for years to come.    

The communities of North Riverside and Broadview have always responded to the needs of Komarek School District 94.  This support has enabled the district to keep pace with a growing educational program and to provide a robust elementary/junior high school curriculum for our students.