Concert Band

(Open to all students in grade 7 and higher with 2 years playing experience)

Main Objective- Reviewing and engraining the fundamentals and concepts learned in Cadet Band, and increasing student ability in the areas of musicality, expression, phrasing, nuances of each instrument, extended techniques, range, rhythm comprehension, articulation, solo performance, and sight-reading.

Course Overview- Students begin rehearsals and small group lessons during the first week of the school year, and each band member begins with whatever knowledge they are able to carry over from Cadet Band, summer practice, and private lessons (if the student receives private instruction on their instrument). By the end of the school year Concert Band students should have a working knowledge of the following concepts and skills-

  • All of the concepts covered and listed under Cadet Band
  • An extended range on the instrument, approaching or reaching 2 octaves or more
  • An expressive and musical tone (vibrato for certain instruments)
  • Ability to sight-read notes and rhythms of a more complex nature on their own with minimal difficulty
  • Improved speed and overall technique on the instrument, able to navigate through sixteenth note passages at around 100 BPM (beats per minute).
  • Ability to identify and perform sustained musical phrases
  • Knowledge of various dynamic and articulation markings and ability to perform each on instrument
  • Increased knowledge of one’s specific instrument, including intonation tendencies, alternate fingerings to aid in tone quality and intonation, and extended techniques (growling, multiphonics, altissimo, flutter tonguing, double tonguing, etc.)
  • Performance in Komarek’s Solo & Ensemble required of all Concert Band students, learning to perform and interpret a piece of music as an individual

For band supplies (reeds, valve oil, cork grease, etc.), instrument rentals, repairs, returns, and anything else band/music related please click on the link below or dial PM Music directly at (630) 978-9927.

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