Beginning Band

(Open to all students in grade 5 and higher)

Main Objective- Training students on the most basic and fundamental concepts of instrumental performance and engraining those fundamentals in each student while slowly building on their knowledge and performance level.

Course Overview- Students begin in mid-September after the band recruitment process is complete, and each band member begins with whatever knowledge they have gained and are able to carry over from their previous music classes. By the end of the school year the students should have a working knowledge of the following concepts and skills-

  • Proper assembly of instrument
  • Proper care and maintenance of instrument
  • Correct posture, hand position, and instrument position
  • Proper fundamental embouchure (mouth position)
  • Able to produce a consistent tone in the middle range of the instrument without waver or significant intonation problems.
  • Student can successfully play a 1 octave range on their instrument
  • Student can read and perform basic rhythms involving whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes

Students in Beginning Band will work thru their method book- Essential Elements 2000 to meet the above goals and in preparation for each performance. The Beginning Band will perform 4 times during the year, and performances will highlight the newest skills and techniques the band is working on at that specific time of the year.

For band supplies (reeds, valve oil, cork grease, etc.), instrument rentals, repairs, returns, and anything else band/music related please click on the link below or dial PM Music directly at (630) 978-9927.

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