Health Services

Health Office Information

The philosophy of Komarek District 94 Health Services is to strengthen the educational process by modification or removal of health related boundaries. The school nurse is a liaison between school personnel, family, healthcare professionals and the community. As the case managers for students with health issues, the school nurse ensures there's adequate communication and collaboration with school personnel, family and physicians.

The school nurse provides direct care to students, responsibilities include direct nursing services such as illness and injury assessment and intervention, medication administration, management of acute and chronic health conditions and referrals, hearing and vision screenings and immunization tracking.

Administration of Emergency Care

The Health Office will provide medical assistance to a student in an emergency situation. Medical assistance will include first aid and, if necessary, referral for immediate medical care at a hospital, clinic, or physician's office. School personnel will make every effort to contact a parent/guardian or a designated emergency contact person in the event of a serious accident. If it is the opinion of school personnel that the student's condition is life threatening or requires immediate emergency care, approved first aid procedures will be done and the student will be transported by ambulance (escorted by an administrator/authorized personnel) for further medical care. The school district does not assume responsibility for medical bills incurred as a result of the administration of emergency care. The success of these procedures depends upon accurate information regarding student's medical history, their current physician, and how to contact parent/guardian at home and work. Parents are asked to provide the school the most up to date contact information necessary needed in the event we have to reach you. Please notify the school regarding any change in emergency information during the school year. If your child has a chronic illness or disease such as asthma, diabetes, seizures or severe allergies please contact the nurse to complete an emergency action plan to assist personnel in caring for your child in the event of an emergency situation at school.


It is not usually necessary for a child to take medication during the school day. However, there may be times when some students require medication in order to remain at school. The district will limit the medication it will dispense where failure to take prescribed medication could jeopardize the student's health and/or education. It is the sole responsibility of the parent to give medications whenever possible on a schedule of before and after school hours. Most medications that are to be taken 3 times per day do not need to be given at school. Please talk to your physician about scheduling medication to avoid school hours whenever possible. Parent help and communication is essential for the safety of children who must receive medication while at school. All medications given at school, including over the counter medications must be prescribed by a physician.

  1. A completed School Medication Authorization Form from the student's physician or licensed prescriber stating the necessity for the prescription medication dosage, route, and time of administration.
  2. A signed Parental Authorization form by the parent/guardian to administer the medication as prescribed.
  3. Medication may be self administered by a child with a physician's prescription, written parental authorization, and school nurse approval and supervision.
  4. The Medication Authorization form must be completed every school year. 

The following applies to all medications

  1. All medication is to be in it's original container appropriately labeled and with the child's name.
  2. Medication shall be stored appropriately in a locked cabinet in the nurse's office.
  3. It is the student's responsibility to report to the nurse or designated school personnel at prescribed medication times.
  4. Unauthorized medication shall be confiscated and may be reclaimed only by the parent/guardian.
  5. District 94 retains discretion to reject a request to administer medications deemed unnecessary or unsafe to be taken at school, such as vitamins, non traditional therapies, drugs unapproved by the FDA, or medication causing extenuating side effects for the student.

The Responsibility to obtain physician authorization lies with the parent/guardian; not the school. The Medication Authorization form is available in the school office or on our website. The school nurse is available to address questions or concerns about the administration of medication at school.