Heads Up for Concussion


The Illinois General Assembly now requires that all schools subject to the Illinois Interscholastic Elementary School Association adhere to a new law regarding sports-related head injuries and concussions. The law requires:

  • All Illinois schools to establish “return to sports’ and “return to learn” protocols for students with concussions.
  • If a student athlete sustains a concussion or is suspected of sustaining a concussion during a practice or game, the law now mandates taking the student out of play or practice, and requires written certification from a licensed medical professional for “return to play” and “return to learn”.
  • That student athletes and their parents (as well as coaches, athletic directors, school nurses, physicians and others) learn about the consequences of head injuries and concussions through training programs and/or written materials.

Information for athletes and parents:

What is a Concussion?

Concussion Videos: