School Health Requirements

Physical Examination

The State of Illinois requires a Certificate of Child Health exam (Physical Exam) with up to date immunizations in the following grades:

  • Pre-Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten
  • 6th Grade

A parent or legal guardian must complete, sign and date the health history portion on the second page of the health examination form. If the student is required to have a sports physical, the Certificate of Child Health examination may be accepted as proof of examination for interscholastic sports. The State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination form is the only form that will be accepted for incoming Pre-K, Kindergarten, incoming 6th graders and any student entering an Illinois school for the first time. Click below for links to the current Illinois Certificate of Child Health exam:

PLEASE NOTE: The date of the physical must be within 12 months prior to the student's start date in the district.

Immunizations (included on Physical Form)

Immunization records must be current and complete. A complete list of immunization requirements in the State of Illinois is available HERE. All required immunizations must be turned in on or before October 15th of the current school year or your child will be excluded from school until the required form is submitted.

In order for a student to qualify under "religious exemption" for immunizations, THIS FORM needs to be submitted to the School Nurse to waive immunizations and/or physical examinations due to religious beliefs. If you have more than one student, you must complete one for each student. Please note, if your child qualifies under the "religious exemption" they are subject to exclusion from school in the event of a vaccine-preventable outbreak. 

Dental Examination

Dental examinations are required for all students entering:

  • Kindergarten
  • Second grade
  • Sixth grade

Click HERE to obtain the Illinois Dental examination form.

Eye Examination

Eye examinations are required for students entering Kindergarten. The eye examination form must be submitted by October 15th of the current school year. Eye examination completed within 12 months prior to October 15th of the current school year are acceptable. Click HERE to obtain the State of Illinois Eye examination form. 

Please contact the Health Office with any questions: 708-447-8030 ext. 2107